The Issues

Economic Growth 

     My COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan involves the creation of local manufacturing jobs to promote regional and international trade and to: 

  • Encourage forging durable ties between regional trading cities

  • Work with the Grace Apprenticeship Program to obtain sponsors that will train and certify young adults as electricians, HVAC, plumbers and pipefitters.

  • Lobby Congressional colleagues and federal bureaucracy in partnership with local leaders to combat fraud, waste, abuse, and undue taxation and regulation.

  • Create additional loan funds for  small businesses, local Farmers and Restaurant Owners that need additional financial assistance and relief from this COVID-19 Crisis. 

  • Defend the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977

  • Promote legislation that creates loan funds and other fiscal mechanisms to help small businesses.

  • Provide a bully pulpit for constituents seeking Title 3 funds, Department of Defense procurement, and aid entities that seek funds, contracts,and/or grants from the Department of Commerce, Health and Human Services,Department of Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and other government agencies.

  • Act as a booster for cultural, transportation, commercial, and industrial,infrastructure projects in the District.

  • Encourage microcredit initiatives and international trade among the mosaic of ethnic businesspersons in Maryland.

  • Lobby the diplomatic community,international businesses, and corporations to locate in the 3rd Congressional District.

The American Family


    I strongly support the American family, and I am committed to being a resource both moral and otherwise to assisting those raising our future generations. The family is the foundation and watershed of our society. I will endeavor to support, sponsor, co-sponsor, and/or endorse any meaningful policy, law, bill,
regulation, or organization that seeks to help strengthen the family unit. Families are the protective covering for the young. I support the rights of mothers and their crucial role as the nation’s premier social engineers, and anyone looking to help married or unmarried and/or foster/adoptive mothers and fathers succeed in raising children will find me to be an ally.

   My passion for the family is inclusive of the unborn, children not of majority, and that of seniors who are treasures that must be cared for and about.I will be a strong advocate for protecting the family from tyrannical laws that threaten the moral fabric of the traditional family wherein radical social policies have been ratified without extensive public debate and inclusive hearings where all perspectives are heard. Second, I will be an advocate
for the rights of vulnerable children whether they are in Child and Family Services or victims of abuse or sexual trafficking. Last, we must endeavor to protect the rights of divorced or
separated fathers.


Foreign Policy

        My vision of America’s foreign policy is compassionate non-interventionist that emphasizes and relies on soft power and mutually beneficial trade.


      I believe that America must eschew unnecessary foreign entanglements and avoid going to war in the global south. America’s greatest and most enduring power is vested the areas of trade, commerce, culture, and shared development with friendly nations. Furthermore, America must have an integrated approach to conducting foreign relations deploying its tapestry of many peoples to build ties to the their ancestral regions that will great help America maintain its security and vital trade links internationally.

Access to Education


            I believe that having access to a quality education is a human right that too many Americans suffer from the lack thereof. We must improve the quality of public education, and the problem is not lack of money, but, rather, inefficiency, opacity, corruption, classism, prejudice, and bias against those from low-income backgrounds. Every child should have access to having music, art, humanities, science and mathematics, and travel coupled with committed and courageous teachers committed to service. Further, I believe in school choice, in the incalculable value of parochial schools, in the importance of women’s colleges and universities, I am very fond of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We must strive to make sure that public schools are not conduits to prisons, addiction, petty crime, early death, mediocrity, and despair.

      Our Maryland state university system must allocate resources amongst its campuses equality with charity and liberality for all. Finally, the sheer weight student loan debt is an impediment to many of best-trained, most ambitious entrepreneurs, and brightest minds, and we must allow the younger generations to take their place so they can start families, buy homes, start businesses, and care for their elders. I support a practical debt amnesty or amortization plan for a sweat equity for debt swap wherein student loan in within a 5 to 7 year period. If we bailed out Wall Street for trillions of dollars, then we can bail out our young people who represent our nation’s future.

Social Impact


    I will work diligently with state, municipal, local, community,faith-based, public, and private stakeholders to promote the general welfare of our constituents.


    I will :

  • Promote the arts and all possible manner of cultural flowering

  • Encourage ecologically-responsible development and education

  • Encourage and promote the distinctive offerings of our region to the world via tourism and cultural exchanges, actively promote

  • Preserve the uniqueness of our history andgastronomy and our local lore, legends, and leaders.