Meet Reba


Reba Hawkins was born into a stable middle-class Baptist household headed by Earnest and Rebecca Hawkins who moved to Washington, D.C. during the Civil Rights era. Reba excelled in her secondary education years at the private Catholic schools of Holy Comforter Saint Cyprian and La Reine High School. In 1985, Reba’s American Government class took a field-trip to Capitol Hill to witness the Senate Hearings of Gramm-Rudman-Hollings. The experience watching the mechanics of the Congress made an indelible mark on the, then, sixteen-year-old Ms. Hawkins, and it planted a profound interest in politics.

As an adult, Reba played a leading role in the grassroots organization BUILD (Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development), which sought to help to empower communities to access to services. Hawkins was a vocal advocate for consumers’ rights regarding predatory lending, affordable health care, equal access to education. Reba has always been a passionate voice against injustice; frequently invited to testify in Annapolis. Hawkins’ activism has also included advocating for Living Wage in Maryland, supporting the Thornton Bill promoting equatable funding for public education, and fighting to make city officials to provide restitution for victims of lead poisoning.



In 2004 she established Kidz Our.Size, Inc. to help prevent childhood obesity. During that time, Ms. Hawkins became a USTA certified tennis instructor and held the first Tennis Camp at the Robert C Marshall Recreation Center in Baltimore City. From 2005 to 2008, Ms. Hawkins was appointed as the Executive Director of the Govanstown Business Association assisting hundreds of businesses in Baltimore and focusing on the economic development of the community.

In February 2009, Hawkins established R & E Green-Janitorial Cleaning Service, employing 200 youth, veterans, returning citizens, persons in transition programs doing certified eco-friendly sanitation/custodial cleaning for residential, commercial, industrial, foreclosure, and post-construction clients. Hawkins is a licensed Woman Owned and Minority Business Entity/SBA Certified Woman Owned Small Business in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Georgia, and Nevada. R & E Green-Janitorial Cleaning Service Apprenticeship’s Mission has created a pathway for underserved youth and women ages 18 to 24 years of age to develop trade skills that create employment opportunities, while developing a zeal for entrepreneurship.



Equality Meets Opportunity

    The critical issues in Baltimore City and other underserved suburban areas have for too long been deliberately, systematically, and intentionally neglected by corrupt “do-littles” of “do-nothings” who see public office as a personal ATM. We must change the present state of affairs to rescue our youth and seniors and restore hope and prosperity to Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. We cannot idly sit back and expect corrupt, entrenched, grifting, and brotherhood-perpetrating leadership to surrender power or organize any transition in power— except to give to their family and friends to keep the tradition of sellout leadership in play. Our generation must seize the baton now, or forever hold our peace knowing that we failed our children both live and yet born, we failed our parents and ancestors, we failed our city and our state, and we’ve failed God Almighty and all those that stood for righteousness sake.

     Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District is inclusive of  portions of Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Baltimore County. Dark political forces created this District with the intention of using divergent interests of the people in this highly stratified district that would always be like Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities” wholly separate and unequal. However, great leadership always bridged the gaps and chasms between people and forges alliances few imagined possible. The time for change is now. The time for hope is now, and I deeply believe I have been chosen to accomplish this feat. The 3rd district knows the present representative leaves much to be desired. The heart of the 3rd district is the city of Baltimore, a jewel that needs federal-level leadership that cares about everyone and is accountable, transparent, visionary, accessible, imaginative, pragmatic, and proactively able to deliver tangible results. Our present congressman is a careerist who has helped a chosen few and neglected the many. We can no longer tolerate congressional leadership that lacks a track record of securing federal money necessary to assure that there is an even and sustainable economic development of 3rd district.


   We the people of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional district will no longer resign ourselves to remain on the treadmill of accepting lesser evils fearing the unknown. The time for significant change is now. Genuine and strategic leadership is necessary and can work to forge bipartisan support to win for the 3rd district. Further, Baltimore City is a neglected goldmine. We can no longer sacrifice the future of our children, our neighbors, our businessmen, and our state on the altar of the incumbent’s mediocrity and venality. We must have leadership able to provide and deliver to us high-paying jobs, world-class schools, significant infusions of capital for entrepreneurs, increased commerce, lower taxes, sustainable and humane urban revitalization, real solutions for marginalized and broken people, real solutions to violent crime, mental health issues, and epidemics of homelessness and addiction.


   I present myself as a dedicated, honest, committed, and serious candidate willing to stake my life, my heart, my mind, my reputation, and my soul in doing everything possible to serve and empower the people of the 3rd district living in the city of Baltimore, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery and Howard county. I am ready to be a catalyst for change and increase the trajectory from good to great. It is time for us to make Baltimore and all of the region great again.